Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar mattress

The “Bed in a Box” community has exploded in the last several years. Everywhere you turn, you find ads for many different types made from different materials. Nectar is quickly becoming as popular as some of its competitors and the Nectar mattress from Nectar sleep is one of the major players in the direct-to-consumer mattress business. They offer two mattress models, and they also sell other products like bed frames, foundations, headboards, pillows, weighted blankets, sheets, protectors, and even furniture.

In this review, I am going to provide you with crucial information to help you decide if this is the right mattress for you. There are several things I’ll take a look at, including the mattress composition, feel, pricing, warranty, trial period, and what to expect. Keep in mind, mattresses are personal. Because everyone is different, you may have a different experience than I would. That said, I’ll go into the mattress specifics now.

What is the Nectar Mattress Made of?

Above, I mention that Nectar Sleep makes two different mattresses. While it has been on the market since 2016, the company just revamped the original version to provide a better feel. Both beds get increasingly firmer, depending on the layer. The two models available are:

  • Nectar Mattress – In 2019, the company revamped the original version.
  • Nectar Lush Mattress – This dual-action cooling version offers superior support for the best rest.

Both mattresses consist of several layers of material, though they are in different amounts. They are:

Top Layer – On the original and Lush, this layer is a quilted Tencel long-staple fiber and gel mattress cover. It is designed with moisture and heat wicking properties to provide you with a cool sleep. For the Lush version, this layer is much thicker.

Action Layer – This comfort layer is consists of one or three inches of semi-open, fast recovery, soft gel memory foam. It has a quick recovery and helps to cradle the body. It is soft enough that the top layer provides no bounce.

Transition layer – This layer is a bit more firm but is still soft. it is three inches of 3.5 lb memory foam with medical-grade cooling and recovery levels. It consists of a dense Adaptive Hi Core visco-elastic memory foam.

Base Layer – As you can guess, this bottom layer of material is quite firm and is made up of several inches of the 2.2 lb high-density memory foam. It has a different consistency than the above layers, but it provides some bounce. It also provides a non-skid surface for the bed. All layers meet the standards for the CertiPUR designation. That means it does not contain any PBDEs, ozone depleters, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and it has a low Volatile Organic Compound rating for indoor air quality. Though you may notice some slight smells when you unbox it, they are not harmful to you or the environment.

The Nectar Mattress Story

Craig Schmeizer, Eric Hutchinson, and Ran Reske co-founded the direct-to-consumer bed frame and mattress company called Nectar Sleep in San Francisco, California. Since then, they have moved into more products and turned it into a home goods company called Resident. The company started with no venture capital but sold more than 50k beds and generated $35 million in revenue in the first year. Two years later, they collaborated with the actress Mayim Bialik of The Big Bang Theory and Blossom fame, who holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience for a digital video campaign.

Why Get a Nectar Mattress?

Even though Nectar is a relatively new product in the scope of things, we are glad to see that they strive to improve their product. If you are looking for a mattress with great motion transfer stoppages, you can’t go wrong by choosing it. As one of the major players, they are a pioneer in the community. If you are interested in memory foam mattresses, they are on the lower side of the spectrum, pricing-wise.

Pricing and Value

As far as memory foam mattresses go, Nectar Mattress has good pricing and value. That is great if you are in need of a new bed and want memory foam. Their pricing is in line with or just a bit better than their competitors. For a pricing comparison, we will use the queen size mattress. That is because it is the most common size for adults and it gives a representative number for tests.

  • Nectar Mattress – As we mentioned, the company revamped the mattress in 2019. For the queen-sized version, the company lists it for $699. At that price, it is on the lower end of the spectrum.
  • Nectar Lush Mattress – While this version is more, it offers the sleeper dual-action cooling, a lofty feel, excellent support, and more. It lists on the website for $1,399 and provides 12 inches of premium material. Even though this is the top-level of mattresses the company offers, that price tag still makes it below, or in line with its competitors.

Again, the company has other products available to supplement their income. If you want to “complete the set”, the offer bed frames, with and without headboards, platforms, mattress protectors, sheet sets, weighted blankets, duvets, pillows, and even furniture. You will want to check their website for prices.

Does Nectar Mattress Need a Box Spring?

No. Because of the construction of the bed, you find that Nectar not only does not need a box spring, but it is bad for the mattress. That is one way to invalidate the warranty, and that is consistent across the board, no matter which of the “bed-in-a-box” mattress you get. Instead, they recommend one of their frames, but for the best support, using a platform is the way to go.

How Long Does it Take for a Nectar Mattress to Expand?

Once you have the area where you want to place your mattress prepared, remove your new Nectar Mattress from its shipping container. After doing so, the bed takes 24-72 hours to expand fully. That said, you can sleep on it right away, so you do not have to miss out on any sleep. Keep in mind that you may experience some minor gasses or smells when unpacking. However, since the bed is CertiPUR certified, they are not harmful to you or the indoor air quality.

Where Can I Buy a Nectar Mattress?

Nectar Mattress is considered a “bed-in-a-box” or a direct-to-consumer mattress. In other words, it was started online to sell to sleepers directly. However, it has become so popular that you can find them through third-party online sellers like Amazon and brick and mortar stores like Bed Store to Mattress Firm. However, buying the mattress from a third-party means you will not be able to take full advantage of the discounted pricing, trial period, and warranty.

They also offer a “White Glove Service”. That is an amount you pay to have the company deliver your bed, remove your old mattress, and set up the new bed. Keep in mind, though, if you have a box spring, they won’t usually remove it.

Does Nectar Mattress Have a Warranty?

Yes, the bed actually has a lifetime warranty. The company asks that if you are going to file a claim, you can not do it before 30 days. If you have the mattress shipped outside the US, it is not eligible for return. Of course, they expect normal wear and tear on the mattress. If you do not have usual wear and tear, it may not be eligible to be returned.

About the Trial Period

Nectar Mattress has a staggering 365-day trial period. As far as mattresses go, that kind of trial period is unheard of. As long as you open the mattress and set it up within 90 days of purchasing it, you get a year to evaluate the mattress. If you decide after that time that the bed is not for you, all you have to do is contact the company. By doing so, you can arrange to donate your mattress but you are allowed to keep any promotional items that come with the mattress if you wish.

Please note if you decide to purchase from an online or brick and mortar reseller, the sleep trial and return process can vary, depending on which you choose. Only by buying directly from the website is the only way to guarantee you will get the full time and free return.

How to Clean a Nectar Mattress

Because you would typically keep a cover on your nectar mattress, we’ll tell you how to clean the cover. To spot clean your mattress cover, you can do so with a safe, mild detergent or hand soap. To help protect the integrity of your mattress and its components, the company does not recommend removing the cover, dry-cleaning the mattress, or submerging it in water. However, they recommend using a water-resistant mattress protector to help prolong the life and quality of your new Nectar mattress and cover. On occasion, you can unzip the cover and set the mattress in the sun to kill any mold or bacteria with UV light.

  • With a clean cloth, soak up any excess moisture.
  • Spray your cleaner on to a dry cloth and dab the affected area of the cover.
  • Wait for the spot to dry.

Final Thoughts on Nectar Mattress

The Nectar Mattress has several different types and layers of memory foam. It is one of the mattresses that does not have a motion transfer issues. Even though the bed is still firm to a point, the memory foam gives you the feeling of being “in” the mattress instead of on top of the mattress. While that can be a bad thing, the cooling gel-infused memory foam does a good job to help cool you as you sleep so you can combat the overheating issue. While it does provide more support for some, larger people may not be comfortable in the bed. If you generate a large amount of heat when you sleep, you may have some issues staying cool. Of course, with a 365-day trial, you have plenty of time to decide for yourself if the Nectar Mattress is a good fit for you or the way you sleep.