Farm Fresh To You Review

Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You (abbreviated at times as FFTY) is one of the growing lists of food delivery companies. However, this one differs slightly because it provides you with options you can’t get from others. You might think of it more as grocery delivery. That said, Farm Fresh To You is located in Capay Valley and is part of Yolo County, California. While not as large as some of the others, the company filed its first permit to conduct a public offering in 2012.

While some services have been around for a bit, the global pandemic of 2020 accelerated their growth. All of a sudden, just going to the grocery store can put you at risk. As you can guess by the name, the company’s goal is to provide the customer with fresh food from its organic farm sites located around California. One thing that separates them from meal delivery companies is the addition of things like jams, pasture-raised eggs, small-batch honey, and more.

Company Info

As we mentioned, FFTY made its first offering of securities in 2012. It is owned and operated by three brothers who grew up on a farm in the Capay Valley. Since that time, the company has grown to offer the user six different styles of boxes. At last count, they had over 80k subscribers.

Farm Fresh To You Menu and Pricing

Farm Fresh to you box styles

Farm Fresh has a process. After creating an account, you pick your style of produce box you want. The options are:

  • Mixed Fruit and Veggie – Their most popular box. It is a proper choice for those who enjoy fresh organic produce and cook a few times a week. From $27.50 – $61.00 per box.
  • No Cooking – This box option is listed as mostly fruit with fast and easy to prepare vegetables. Boxes range from $27.50 – $49.00 per box.
  • Fruit Only – With this one, you get a selection of juicy and ripe organic fruit. It is a wonderful option for those who enjoy fruit for snacking, baking, juicing, etc. From $27.50 – $49.00 per box,
  • Traditional CSA – The original box they started offering, this one offers you produce only from their farm and neighboring partner farms. It is the most locally seasonal mix you can find. From $35.00 – $49.00 per box.
  • Veggie Only – This box is for the avid chefs, juicers, people on diets like Paleo, Bulletproof™, others, or anyone trying to be healthy. It has an assortment of organic vegetables that offer an amazing diversity of flavor and nutrients to your seasonal diet. From $35.00 – $49.00 per box.
  • Snack Pack – Another fruit box, they tout this box as a smart choice for healthy snacking. All the packages come with easy to eat fruit to help keep your group productive. From $38.00 – $119.00 per box.
Farm Fresh To You, customize produce

After you choose a box, you have the option of customizing your produce. Next, you can “Add Artisan and Grocery Basics.”

When you move to this section, you can choose from quite a few different products. Some of the big ones include:

  • Organic dairy products – Milk, yogurt, cream, sour cream, butter, cheese, and dairy alternatives
  • Eggs – Duck and chicken cage-free and pasture-raised
  • Bread and baked goods – Tortillas, flatbreads, bread, bagels, sweets, croutons, and bake-at-home items
  • Meat – The standard fare like chicken, turkey, duck, pork, lamb, seafood, bacon, sausage, and deli meats. Of course, all of these options are organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed, or vegetarian fed.
  • Meat alternatives – Beyond Meat, Tofu, and vegan products

Additional categories include drinks, pantry, snacks, meal kits, and Home & Body. As you can see, FFTY is like having a healthy grocery store that delivers to you. You can request these shipments come from 1-4 weeks.

Farm Fresh To You vs Imperfect Foods

If you are not aware, Imperfect Foods is a grocery competitor to FFTY. Both companies offer organic food as well as other organic products. However, FFTY focuses on organic farming sustainability and transparency. Imperfect Foods, however, concentrates more on competitive prices and reduced food waste. Depending on your needs, both are great and worth looking into or trying out.

Does Farm Fresh Offer a Promo Code?

From time to time, FFTY offers a promo code, discount code, and coupons. Usually, there are first-time buyer discounts. However, the company offers a “Refer-A-Friend discount.” When a friend joins using your promo code, you get a $25 account credit. Your friend saves $15 off their first delivery of organic fruits and veggies from their farm and other local growers/artisans. Then, you can trade recipes with your friends using the same ingredients. The company also offers Farm Fresh To You gift certificates under the heading on the website that says “Get A Farm Box.”

How to cancel Farm Fresh To You

If you need to cancel FFTY, there are some things you need to do. You must either email the company at, call them at 1.800.796.6009, or fill out the contact us webform when you are logged into your FFTY account. Make sure you do that at least two days before your delivery, by 11:00 PST. You can also cancel your service any time within 3 business days of signing up for the service. If you want to see more specific information, you can look at the Terms of Use section on the website.

Farm Fresh To You Terms of Use

Customer Care

The customer care team seems to be fairly large. They offer the email address and phone number we gave you above. You can also get ahold of them via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and their blog. All of those options give you an easy way to contact them, should you need to.


As we said earlier, Farm Fresh To You is like having an organic grocery store deliver farm-fresh food to you. That is great if you are in a place that does not have them. Additionally, they don’t have to worry about the overhead and tremendous price markup you can see in some of those local stores. If your goal is to start eating healthy and take better care of your body, Farm Fresh To You can help you do that.