Casper Mattress Review

Casper mattress

We had a bed that I was just not happy with. After less than three years, the mattress was sagging quite a bit, the adjustable frame was very noisy, and the height had become an issue. I was looking for a change but the Covid pandemic made it hard to go out and find a new bed. So I started to research popular online mattress companies and read reviews of how satisfied people were with the products. Even after reading reviews, and there are some good ones, I was still hesitant to buy a bed online without the chance to lay on it first.

What if we didn’t like it, how hard would it be to send back, and how the heck were we supposed to get it back in that box that it came in?  Questions that anyone and everyone would ask. After researching a few of the mattress websites and reading the FAQ section I felt a little more confident. Knowing the mattresses I was looking at offered a 100 day sleep trial. If not happy with the mattress or bed they would come pack it up and remove it.

Why I chose Casper

I had a few requirements when looking to buy a new mattress. My most important requirement was comfort. This is a risk we all take when purchasing a bed from anywhere, but especially online since you can’t feel it before buying it. I did not want to buy a bed that that would cause pain after laying all night. I have arthritis in my spine so this is definitely something that I experience a lot. Height was a big factor. We wanted our Shetland Sheepdog to be able to get on & off the bed. He’s a medium size dog and a good jumper, but he also has arthritis.

We were hoping to find something no higher than our couch, even if we had to put the mattress on the floor. Plus I’m 5 foot tall so for me to have something lower to the ground is ok. Even so, we still wanted our bed to look nice. Did I really want to put a mattress on the floor?  No, but my dog is important to me so we were willing to give up looks to have him be able to get on the bed. After a lot of research of several online mattress companies I found a bed from Casper that worked. The foundation and mattress together were close to the height of our couch at 21.6 inches tall. I still had questions that needed answers so I used Casper’s online chat a few times. It was fast and easy with a quick response. 

What I chose from Casper

Casper unboxed

The mattress that I chose from Casper was The Original.  It is Casper’s most popular mattress. It has support and cooling which is good because my husband has a tendency to sleep hot. I’m the one that is always cold. The Original mattress was the first to arrive and it came in a large compact box. As you can see our cat was fond of the box. Best cat toy ever. We decided to go ahead and put the mattress on our existing box spring to try it out for the first night. Once opened it expanded over a few minutes and was ready to try out that night.

The first thing we noticed was the difference between sleeping on our old bed and the new foam mattress from Casper. The foam mattress was firmer than our old bed. While it has conformed to our bodies, the bed doesn’t sink where we lay each time. This was an issue with our old bed after less than 3 years. We’ll see in time, but the Casper mattress has held up quite well for the first 7 weeks.

Next, we purchased the Casper Upholstered Bed Frame. It came in three different colors and we went with grey. It has a little weight to it so it might be best to have a second person to help carry the box. Set up was easy with just one tool, an allen wrench that came with it. The most difficult part was getting the center beam set after we had tightened all the corner brackets. I honestly think one person could put it together if needed. The frame felt solid and well designed. 

Casper foundation

The next item that we purchased from Casper was a Mattress Protector.  We have waterproof mattress protectors on all our beds so this is not a new concept for me but why did I choose to get the one from Casper? This mattress protector is supposed to let air in and out so the mattress can breathe. That is supposed to keep your mattress cool plus protect it from dirt and spills. I was pleasantly surprised that the mattress cover stays on really well. Even when changing sheets it doesn’t pull off. 

Casper bed with dog

So now it was time to test it out. The real test was whether or not our dog could get up on the bed. Yes, Casper passed with flying colors! Talk about a happy dog and a happy owner. As far as comfort we had nothing to compare it to. An all foam mattress compared to a mattress with springs and memory foam. I figured it would take some getting used to. That’s why Casper and other top mattress brands give customers a 100 day trial. The first night was comfortable, it didn’t hurt when I got up, but I did get hot during the night. Same way the next night. So after two nights we did a little more research and decided to purchase Casper’s Cool Supima sheets and the Humidity Fighting Duvet. After reading reviews on Casper customers running hot we hoped that the combination would make a difference. This seems to be a regular occurrence with foam mattresses.

I washed the Cool Supima sheets as directed when they arrived and they were soft but wrinkled fairly bad. Honestly I’m not ironing sheets so we put them on the bed anyway. I could not tell they were wrinkled on the bed when sleeping. We have been really impressed with the Humidity fighting Duvet. It’s 2 sided light grey on one side and white on the other. We chose to use the grey & it looks really nice. Now the true test, did it work? It actually did. I did not get as hot during the night. For whatever reason the combination worked for us. We’ve now slept on the Casper mattress for nearly two months. I’ve had no pain from sleeping on the mattress nor did I need an adjustment period to get used to a foam mattress. Having a quiet bed is icing on the cake.