Blue Apron Coupon: $60 Off Promo Code

Blue Apron is one of the most well-known and high-profile home meal kit delivery services in the community. If you use other services or are just thinking about using one, the company has a promotion for new customers. They are offering $60 off of your first three boxes. That will help you bring the price down to just $39.94 plus tax to get three recipes for two people. Instead of your meals starting at $7.49 per serving, it goes down to $6.65 per serving. If you have priced the other services, you already know that the promotion is a good deal.

Blue Apron promo

Let’s talk about how this works. Like most home meal kits, there is some fine print. You must put a valid payment method on file. The offer expires on 12/31/2020, and the discount can not be sold or re-sold. Of course, you can skip, postpone, or halt orders, but just make sure to get all four orders in before the end of 2020. If you want to pause your shipments, you simply have to go to the Blue Apron website and you can do that. The promotion will give you a chance to evaluate their service and see if that is something you want to continue with.

Now, we will look at some of the recipes on the menu and the prep time for them. They change and rotate the menu frequently, so there is always something new to prepare or try out. There are many more options available than we have listed here. Some of the items and preparation times are:

  • Steak & Poblano Tostadas – 45 Min
  • Tilapia & Creamy Romesco Sauce – 35 Min
  • Beef & Shawarma-Spiced Rice – 25 Min
  • Cheesy Chipotle Black Bean Quesadillas – 45 Min
  • Salmon & Cilantro Rice Bowls – 30 Min
  • Sweet & Sour Noodles – 20 Min
  • Sambal Chicken & Quinoa “Fried Rice” – 35 Min
  • Spicy Glazed Chicken & Honey Butter Corn – 20 Min
  • Cheesy Chicken Tacos – 35 Min
  • Summer Vegetable Risotto – 35 Min

As you can see, no matter what kind of cuisine you are looking for, you can find it when you use Blue Apron. Again, that is why we are glad to see the promotion for $60 off of the first three boxes you get from the company. If you would like some more in-depth information about meal delivery service, we suggest that you take a look at our Blue Apron review. After trying the deal out, you can see if it is the right choice for you.

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