Illo Sketchbook Review


Illo is a brand from Metro Detroit that is most popular for their sketchbooks but also has recently come out with Illo Hue Markers. Their mission is to create the best affordable sketchbook for any artist. You can purchase their products directing from the illo website or from Amazon. We per-ordered a 5-pack of 8×8 sketchpads last Fall and it took several weeks for them to arrive. Fortunately, the product is better stocked now. Those with Prime can order from Amazon and expect to receive the sketchbooks in two days.

illo Sketchbooks

illo sketchbook

Illo has several different sized sketchbooks: 4.5’’ by 4.5’’, 8’’ by 8’’, and 10’’ by 10’’. They sell several bundles including their illo sketchbook 8’’ by 8’’ 5-pack which is sold both to the USA and internationally. 

They only sell sketchbooks with the neutral gray covers to appeal to everyone. If enough customers want another color, illo says they would consider adding more colors.

Their 8’’ by 8’’ sketchbook is their most popular and is their original illo sketchbook. It features a durable leather cover with an elastic enclosure. It also has a ribbon marker and a back page pocket. The Perfect Square Ratio sketchbook makes it easy to post sketches on social media without cropping.

The sketchbook has 112 pages that are heavyweight and support any drawing medium. The paper can only hold inks and markers with light use. The sketchbooks are great quality for a low price.

The illo sketchbooks are great for artists who use pencils, pens, and pastels. Markers can bleed through the paper depending on how much ink is used. They do not recommend their sketchbooks for watercolors but they can withstand a light watercolor wash. Illo also says their sketchbooks are not acid-free.

illo sketchbook pages

The ribbon marker is great for keeping your place. It saves time going through the pages to see where you left off. The back page pocket is also great for storing other papers that you’ve used and want to hold onto.

The elastic enclosure makes sure that the sketchbook does not open and stays compact when carrying it, preventing the pages from becoming folded.

The sketchbooks also contain an introductory cover where you can write your name. In the case that the sketchbook is lost, you can write a reward for the person finding it and returning it.

Shipping and Return Policy

For international shipping, illo recommends buying the 5 pack 8×8 illo sketchbook. This is because the shipping is expensive and illo states that the one charge for all 5 sketchbooks would be better than several charges throughout the year. For shipping in the United States, a small flat rate is charged.

Illo sends a tracking number through email once your order has been shipped. The sketchbooks usually arrive in two days once they’ve been shipped. Illo ships through USPS Priority Mail & Priority Mail international.

In order to be able to return the sketchbook, it must not be used and it needs to be in its original packaging. You also need proof that you purchased the item. Once you receive your item, you only have 15 days to be able to return it.

If the order has not shipped, then you can cancel at any time. However, once it has shipped, you have to wait until you receive the item and send it back for a refund.

Illo will not pay for your shipping costs, even if you send it back. They will only give you a refund for your item.